Campus Näckrosdammen – Exhibition of 501

Exhibition of 501 is a continuation work from the Campus Nackrosdammen Project.

Campus Näckrosdammen was a concept development project we have conducted at the Gothenburg University, HDK, with the administratives from the municipality as well as the mayor of Gothenburg. The project has also brought together both Business Design, MA and Design, MA students.
Ultimate mission was to set a standart and to create a vision for the next big Gothenburg University Campus which will be stationed at the heart of the Gothenburg City, Näckrosdammen public park.

This was the last stage of the Campus Vision project. This time were were asked to reflect on the idea of “Is moving all branches into new campus is viable and ok? Or not?”

I had defended the idea of moving out. I have been in this situation years ago. Back in my BA days at Istanbul Bilgi University, we had our ‘legendary’ workshops and study rooms as well as our ‘private lab’ (where only us, the scholarship and selected students were able to get in and work) was stationed at a campus within the city. Then the school has bought a public space and renovated it and built up really contemporary concrete buildings within for labs and workshops and 2 huge exhibition centers as well as cafe’s, bar and a bistro.

As many students have had stated during the project, we were the same about moving. We did not want the change, since our history and legacy were related with the previous campus. We felt home there. But as with the administrative decision we had to move after all. And as soon as we re-designed our given labs and moved in with everything we got, we realized that it was a much better idea to be in the new campus with it’s newly given capabilites and our ability to exhibit lots of stuff in our own exhibition halls.

I had totally supported this project during it’s startup process, and I do believe it is going to be much better for the Gothenburg University and the city itself on the long run.

Photo Credit : Töre EREL


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