Bomontiada 2015

Bomontiada is a locomotive for the new 21st century creative economy. Bomontiada as a piece of the City: A Precinct for Art, Music, Design, Food & Fashion. Fostering emergent types of experiences, tools and practices to become the transformative hub of Istanbul’s creative industry by inspiring a new social cultural movement.
A vital creative and cultural economy at Istanbul’s core, a responsive living system towards soft development, inclusive experiment of possibilities for bonding content, community, culture.

We (Future Anecdotes Istanbul) took part  in creating a vision for the identity of bomontiada project. As part of the visual design team, teamed up with Anakara.
I took part as a visual designer and researcher. Assisting in shaping bomontiada’s unique identity, visualization of information and wayfinding solutions.

Got picked-up by ŞANALarc afterwards for further development of the Bomonti neighborhood.


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