Design the Resistance

Why won’t majority of people take part in resisting any idea? Why are they not active? What makes them so NOT interested?

The short answer is INDIFFERENCE. The choice of ignoring inequalities and problems in your surrounding. To face reality is hard, tiring and soul demanding. We are indifferent because either we don’t want to know what the problem is, or we know it but just do not wish to solve it. So, to make people face that there are active things to do in the real world to make it better for everyone, we need to awaken their awareness of their indifference.

We have gathered as a group of designers to create a concept to “trigger” people in the right direction.

This collaborative project was created, designed and developed by myself, Annalisa Casati, Anja Popovic, Jonathan Knut at the Gothenburg University, HDK.


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