‘Eminönü’ is a former district of Istanbul in Turkey. This is the heart of the walled city of Constantine, the focus of a history of incredible richness. Eminönü covers roughly the area on which the ancient Byzantium was built.
Today, the area is heaving with shoppers looking for discount clothing or plastic accessories, stationery and handcrafted souveniers. You will not find the classy boutiques of the big shopping centres here. But it is a grand center for all types of designers to find raw, cheap and various materials to work with.

A trip was scheduled to Eminönü on one of my classes at university for the reason explained above, to find and explore different materials for our up coming projects, and we were asked to design a poster summarizing this event. Considering, Eminönü is a place like an ant’s lair narrow streets covering majority of the neighborhood lost of shops here and there, having lots of variety of materials so, you REALLY have to get your hands down and dirty, dig in through most of the stuff around to find exactly what you are looking for.

I have decided design my poster with a small twist. 2 layered poster has a typographic touch on the front where a small history of Eminönü is explained from the designers perspective. Disordered sentences require you to “get your hands in there” and start moving the slices around and arrange the sentences back to order, which is exactly what you do in Eminönü to get what you are looking for. And the back side was inspired by the Swedish company IKEA and were designed accordingly. If IKEA is everything for our house, where we can find cheap, reliable and nice products. Just as Eminönü. You can find everything for your arts and crafts.


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