Leo Castelli ve Çevresi

“Leo Castelli ve Çevresi” also known as “Leo and His Circle : The Life of Leo Castelli” or originally as “Leo Castelli et Les Siens”, is an autobiography book by the author Annie Cohen-Solal who is also known for “Sartre: A Life”.

Drawing on her friendship with the subject, as well as an uncanny knack for archival excavation, Annie Cohen-Solal gives us in full the elegant, shrewd, irresistible, and enigmatic figure at the very center of postwar American art, bringing an utterly new understanding of its evolution.

I have designed this book for DİRİMART – a contemporary art gallery based in Istanbul, Turkey with it’s two locations in Nişantası and Dolapdere. Mainly focusing on world-wide known –Turkish artists but also exposes well known international artists. – and their publisher group RES Art World while I worked for Atelier Nese Nogay.

Cover Image: Leo Castelli at home, in front of the Jasper Johns’s Flag artwork,
© Bob Adelman © Jasper Johns/ ADAGP, Paris/ VAGA, New York 2009