the Wooden Letterbox Typesetting

This project aims to create a personal promotion of a font in anew way which have never been done before until now.

For this purpose, Font & the Box has been designed by Töre Erel, to bring back one of the old printing techniques into use in our current digital age.

Calling out to a wide range of audience such as, graphic designers who love typography and the old traditional analog printing works as well as the ones who are not involved with the design before but eager to learn how the basic printing technique works.

Wishing you have fun during this special experience and to appreciate the allure of the handmade.

Letterpress, because of it’s remarkable commercial longevity, which is more than 550 years old, tends to be associated with tradition. The history of printing was driven by proven, sensible formulae within the print trade.

Eventually, however, from outside the trade such as digital capabilities on computers and other printing tehcniques has began to question established norms and to inflace the appeareance and the function of type.

There are so few examples of Stamp style letterpressing kits out on the market and %90 of them are based on the category as souveniers. Most of them are predetermined texts or layouts which serves one purpose only. On the other hand, although the single letter stamp sets are fun, they meet the disadvantage of not being able to set out a proper grid system and to create proper words to apply.

Question on this project is “Could a font on a letterpress format still be tempting and fun to be used instead of digital medium despite the fact that we are in the 21st century digital era?”

The counter point answer to fast producing digital medium is to take the speed down a notch and even to turn back time to old letterpress and typesetting days with designing an unique font and only allowing it to be used in analog system. The package design of the font is so tempting and easy-to-use that the package itself will actually let you wonder the font while promoting itself, making users appreciate the fun and aestetic of the whole pack.

Challenge is to make the user break his/her predetermined wall against the slow techniques and to let them experience the user friendly old type analog fonts that might be just for fun or professional usage. In both cases the font will be promoted and the experience will be given.