Tiribute to Minimalism

‘Tribute to Minimalism’ was a project I had come up with on my Portfolio Design class back in my Bachelor’s degree year.

I was deeply taken by the minimalist, swiss design elements those years – and i am still in love with -Highly inspired by Christina Couceiro’s works, I had decided to create a digital print serie for  myself to promote my portfolio on minimalist design posters. The elements of these designs are linked to 50’s and 60’s where the geometric patterns and typography met in harmony while also using vectoral shapes or imaging cut outs from the 70’s.
All the posters were designed on digital and printed on 50×50 plotter paper neatly folded and stacked between a cardboard which had a small introduction about my serie on the front as well as a small resumé on the back attached with my works on a CD put together within an linen bag i sewn with my signature on the lid.


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